The Honorary British Consul in Hamburg,
Nicholas Teller

Hohe Bleichen 12,   20354 Hamburg


Gwen Cochrane

Alte Landstr. 34 d
22339 Hamburg

Telefon 0171  421 3117


Webdesign: Ute Spingler + Heiner Schäfer GbR     www.havelmond.film


Mitglieder folgende Vereine & Organisationen helfen und unterstützen:-

Caledonian Society of Hamburg

Hamburg Players e.V.

British Club Hamburg

Toastmasters, Hamburg

Friends of Britain e.V.

AGIWA  (Anglo German International Women’s Association)



Ein Gedanke zu „Impressum“

  1. Dear Sirs,
    we do intend to take part the Victorian Christmas Market in Hamburg as visitors on Sunday, 29.11.15, .
    On 19.12.15 we will join the Dickens-Festival in Deventer/Netherlands and so your Christmas Market will be a test, if our outfits are suiteable.
    But on behalf bad expierences we have made in the past, not contacting the organiser. We would like to ask you if we are allowed to come in fitting victorian outfits.

    We will sent you a picture of our outfits in a seperate email!

    best regards
    Corinna & Knut Lorenz

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